Purchasing women’s lingerie can be confusing for the male consumer. The only thing many males know about intimate apparel is that they like it when they see it on their significant other. Still, buying your lady a personal clothing item can be tricky, but with careful planning, the end result should be mutual delight instead of a night on the couch.

Women’s Sizing in Lingerie

Buying the right size or lingerie is always fraught with disaster. The best way to get a good idea of size is to sneak a peak into her intimate’s drawer. On most bras, there is a small tag inside that lists a double digit number and a letter or two, such as 32 A, 36 C or 40 DD. These numbers are very easy to explain. The number corresponds to the size around a woman’s chest and back. The letter refers specifically to the size of her breasts in proportion to the number. The larger the number around your rib cage, the larger your actual chest is. The larger the letter of the cup, the larger the breasts are, and vice versa.

Also take a look inside her panties. There should be a tag there as well with either a single number, such as 6 or 8, and a letter, such as S, M, or L. Contrary to common sense, panty size does NOT correspond with pant size. Once you have her bra and panty size, it’s time to go shopping.

Where and What to Buy

Intimate apparel is tricky, and you’re going to want help. Your best bet will be your local department store, or even better, a shop that specializes in women’s lingerie. When shopping, it is important to keep in mind not only your own taste, but also your lady’s tastes. If she is used to being more covered and conservative, buying a sheer fishnet number could be disastrous. Likewise, buying a long frilly nightgown for woman who prefers leather and straps may make her feel inhibited and not at all sexy. Once you have found a few pieces you think will work for both of you, tell a sales associate her sizes and preferences and they should be able to help you pick out the perfect piece in the correct size.

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