Buying wholesale lingerie can be complicated. Where do you buy what you need? What kind of styles is available? Who would even want to buy intimate apparel wholesale? Well, those are all very good questions.

Buying wholesale lingerie is great for the person who has established or is trying to establish him or herself in the adult novelty business. When a person buys intimate apparel wholesale, they are generally buying direct from the manufacturer, though in some cases they are buying from the manufacturer’s agent. Buying from the manufacturer, combined with buying in large quantities, or “bulk,” is much cheaper than buying retail. However, it is entirely impractical for the regular consumer to buy wholesale because they generally only have need for one intimate apparel item, rather than an entire shipment of them.

Where and What Can Be Bought Wholesale?

Many wholesale lingerie companies can be found online, through search engines. What is great about most of these lingerie wholesalers is that they often allow retailers to purchase directly from their website! Locating a wholesaler online also allows you to comparison shop. While prices and styles vary widely from company to company, so too do policies. Many wholesale companies require minimum purchases, which can be impractical for the smaller retailer, and their shipping charges may vary greatly. It is important to do your research.

Every type of intimate apparel can be bought from a wholesaler. Styles range from the basic bra and panty, to risqué lingerie, to hard to find articles of intimate apparel such as plus sizes and specialty pieces. Whatever you are looking for, there is a wholesaler who is looking for your business.

Buying lingerie wholesale is a great way to stock your own intimate apparel business. Finding the most popular, best quality items from a company you can trust can take time, but in the end, your research will pay off.

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