Buying teen’s lingerie is a delicate endeavor. You want to buy something that will make your teen feel special while not making them look overly sexy. Saying such a task is a challenge would be an understatement. However, many retailers have begun catering to the teen market, and intimate apparel makers are making sure they aren’t being left out.

Chances are, wherever you shop for your intimate apparel is also going to have something subtler that is appropriate for a teen. Generally, teen lingerie steers clear of the more exotic, adult pieces such as corsets, bustiers and body stockings. Most teen lingerie consists of simple pieces such as matching bra and panty or bra and camisole sets. While it is possible to find something sexier, such as a teddy or babydoll, most lingerie retailers are steering clear of such items and focusing more on intimates and sleepwear. These sets usually come in much “softer” colors than the traditional reds and blacks found in adult lingerie collections. Most teen lingerie comes in hues such as bright blues, greens, and yellows, as well as endless shades of pink, which runs the gamut from soft, girly pink to vibrant, brilliant magenta.

Supervision is key to maintain taste and make sure it is age appropriate. Also, it is important to make sure your teen gets the right fit. Any department or lingerie specialty store should have an associate who is trained in bra fitting, and will help steer you towards the appropriate fits and styles for a teen.

Should you find that a suitable selection is scarce, shopping online is also a great option. This will not only allow you a greater selection, but also give you an opportunity to comparison shop for the best deals on everything from bras and panties to boy shorts and camisoles.

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