Sheer lingerie is the ultimate in sexy, teasing intimate apparel. It offers a tempting glimpse of what lies underneath without completely revealing everything you have to offer. Of course, sheer lingerie is widely varying description for many great intimate apparel items.

Many different fabrics are used to create see-through lingerie. Lace, mesh, and nylon are some of the more frequent types used. Fishnet and other forms of netting are also popular fabric choices. Each fabric has its own unique qualities, and not one offers the same amount of sheerness. Lace is able to be the most opaque, for those who want to reveal just a hint, but it can also be quite sheer and baring. Mesh comes in more than one form as well. The most popular is stretch mesh, which allows for more ease of movement while still showing off what lies beneath its surface. Nylon is often used in body stockings as well as pantyhose and is the sheerest of all the fabrics. However, it also snags easily, so great care should be taken if you want to preserve it. Nylon is often the fabric that is used to create fishnet and other “net” fabrics. Nylon is the perfect choice if you want just the base amount of coverage while still being able to show off everything that you have to offer.

Sheer lingerie runs the gamut of styles. It can be found in the most mundane, everyday products, such as nylon pantyhose and lace panties, to the feminine, such as silk teddies with lace trim, or mesh babydolls, to the ultra-sexy, such as fishnet body stockings. The best part is, you can purchase it almost anywhere. Sheer lingerie can be bought anywhere from your local discount stores, to department stores, to stores that specialize only in providing lingerie. Knowing what’s available can help you decide what sort of sheer lingerie will suit your unique needs.

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