Plus size lingerie allows real women of real sizes to feel sexy. No longer is being sexy reserved for the thin. Still, finding plus size lingerie can be a challenge. If you know where to look, however, you can find some truly great pieces!

Plus size women can buy just about any type of lingerie you can think of! You can find the fun stuff, such as teddies, corsets, bustiers, baby-dolls, nightgowns, and the like. However, you can also find the more practical things such as bras, panties, shapers, camisoles and hosiery. From conservative to crazy, lingerie is available in sizes to fit every woman!

Where Can You Shop for Plus Size Lingerie?

Many stores that specialize in clothing for plus size women also carry plus size intimate apparel lines. Some of these stores can even be found in your local mall or shopping center. Intimate apparel parties are also another great way to buy plus-size lingerie. You can have fun with your friends at the parties, while choosing great new lingerie for yourself! Don’t worry – most vendors will set up a separate room where you can order your new clothing in confidence.

Perhaps the best place to find plus size lingerie is the Internet. Check the websites of the same plus size specialty stores you would find in the mall for a greater selection and even greater privacy. Also, stores that carry only smaller sizes in their shops often offer larger sizes online. Typing the words “plus size lingerie” into a search engine will also provide you with the websites of many vendors who specialize in only plus size lingerie! The best part of shopping at these stores is being able to shop in the privacy of your own home and not having to run to five different stores out in town to find what you want.

When buying intimate apparel at a party or online, it is important to pay attention to sizes. Have a friend or family member measure you, or go and get properly sized at most department stores or any lingerie specialty shop. Then, make sure to check out the size charts for the company from which your purchase your lingerie to make sure you get the fit that makes you feel fabulous!

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