Hosting a lingerie party could be the answer to your special occasion dilemma. Many times in life, we find ourselves with the responsibility of coming up with something new, fun, and interesting for a party theme. Lingerie parties are the answer! They give you the chance to get with the girls and get something sexy too.

What is Lingerie Party?

A lingerie party is a creative way to have fun with your friends. These are adults-only events, and often women-only events, though you can certainly choose to invite men if it tickles your fancy to do so. A vendor of your choosing will come into your home or wherever you have decided to host your party. There, they will showcase their products. There is usually a very wide variety of merchandise, including but certainly not limited to: teddies, corsets, bustiers, and other forms of intimate apparel. Everyone is invited to ask questions and “ooh” and “ah” over the sometimes pretty, sometimes practical, sometimes wild pieces!

Of course, because this is intimate apparel, some guests may not feel comfortable ordering their goods in front of everyone. In this case, many vendors often take orders in a separate room in confidence, so all your guests get the lingerie they fancy without the risk of embarrassment.

When is a Lingerie Party Appropriate?

Hosting an intimate apparel party is a great idea for many occasions. They are an ideal bachelorette party, especially since the guests can take the opportunity to buy the bride-to-be something “special”, and give the bride-to-be a chance to get some great honeymoon pieces! Hosting a party for lingerie can also make a fun birthday party for a close friend or sister, or they can even just be a great get-together for you and your friends. Consider making your next special event a lingerie or intimate apparel party, and enjoy the fun!

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