Where can you find fantastic lingerie in the UK? Almost anywhere! Many local shops, which specialize in intimate apparel, are scattered throughout the UK. These are great places to look for a variety of items, from bras and panties to bustiers, corsets, teddies, and body stockings.

However, if there is not a lingerie specialty store near you, shopping online is easy. All you need to do is type in “lingerie UK,” or the type of lingerie followed by “UK,” to find the websites of retailers who ship to the United Kingdom.

There is no limit to what kind of intimate apparel that can be found online. If you can dream of it, chances are they probably sell it! Searching online is also a great way to comparison shop for the best quality and prices. You may find an item at full price at a particular website, but at a discount at another!

The great thing about stores that serve the UK is that many offer shipping free to all orders delivered by post to the UK! Just think, getting the lingerie of your dreams with free shipping. What a great deal!

It is important to keep several things in mind when shopping online, however. Many retailers online may be based in other countries, and their sizing may differ. Even if the sizing is standard UK sizing, sizes can still vary widely from company to company. Check the sizing charts against your own measurements to ensure that you purchase the size that will fit you correctly. There is nothing quite so disappointing as receiving an item only to have it not fit! Also, check the return and exchange policy of the retailer. Because lingerie is very intimate, it may be harder to return than everyday clothing. With care and the right attitude, you can have a great time finding great lingerie in the UK!

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