Finding the perfect erotic lingerie can often be a hit-and-miss situation. When left with nothing more than your credit card and a pushy salesperson, it’s easy to buy something that doesn’t suit you. This is especially true if you leave for the store without a clear picture of what you want. Here are some tips to help you navigate the intimate apparel minefield.

First things first – figure out what really gets your partner’s motor running. Do they prefer sweet and innocent, fun and flirty, or are leather and chains more their style? This gives you a starting ground. Obviously, if your partner is more of the hardcore style, a white virginal bridal teddy is likely to be a flop and a disappointment in the bedroom, and vice versa.

Now, keeping in mind your partner’s preferences, it’s also time to think about YOU. Do you like a lot of support? A bustier may be just the thing you need. Say you prefer a bustier and your partner likes fun, flirty lingerie. Try finding a bustier in a fun color with some interesting detailing, such as ribbons or feathers. Do you prefer to remain a little more covered up? A long, satin nightgown is for you. Say you prefer to be comfortable, but still want to look sexy at the same time. Try looking for matching bra and panty or camisole and panty sets to suit your needs.

When you know what you want, proceed with that particular piece of intimate apparel in mind. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed by the sheer selection of styles and colors. Once you have found a few items, trying them on is essential. Often, a sales associate can help you find the right size and fit to make sure that when you take your new lingerie home, you look smashing for that special someone.

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